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Top Rated bars in Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton

Having a night out in the city is a favourite past time across the world, with drinks and snacks greasing the pleasantries and conversation. Then, there are also days at the weekend when you’ll want to meet up with your mates to watch some sports or even just relax with a beer or glass of wine.

Not only is it important for these occasions to be based around a good selection of beverages and perhaps some food as well, but it’s also important for the venue to have a desirable atmosphere for the occasion. So, looking at the great cities of Moncton, Saint John, and Fredericton, these are some of the best bars to base your day or evening in New Brunswick around.

Moncton Bars

iglo beverage room moncton, new brunswick

There are few better places to start than the Igloo Beverage Room – especially as it hosts a daily happy hour until 7 p.m. The Beverage Room boasts a great range of popular domestic beers, such as Moosehead Lager, Labatts, and Molson bottled, with a wide selection on tap as well, which includes Alpine Lager, Keiths, and Moosehead Light. If cocktails are more your thing, test the themed drinks at Igloo, which include the Angry Penguin, Slippery Ice Cube, and Happy Feet. The venue also has plenty of pub food on offer as well as one of the most famous breakfasts in the city.

If your fancy is more in the line of original beers rather than mass-produced labels, check out the Pump House Brewpub. With regular events, live music, and food, it makes for a grand venue, but the beer will always be the centre of attention. Pump House offers a nice selection of IPAs, stouts, lagers, pilsners, and others, with a new beer brought in each month as a seasonal brew.

Saint John Bars

rocky's sportsbar saint john, new brunswick

Sports? Check. Beer? Check. Food? Check. Rocky’s Sports Bar has everything that you could possibly need when your team is playing. The bar boasts over 25 flat-screen televisions which show all of the biggest and best sporting events. But, it’s not just about sports at Rocky’s, with the excellent menu and range of beers, cocktails, wines, shots, and hard liquors being very appealing when there isn’t a game on.

The Eighty Three Bar Arcade is what every adult who loves gaming could dream of in a bar. Not only does the lavish bar boast a wide range of beverages to suit every form of drinker, but it is also filled with old-school gaming machines! With classic games that are free to play – bar bubble hockey and the pins – Eighty Three Bar Arcade is an exciting mash-up between a modern bar and a retro arcade that offers a unique social experience for all groups who come down looking to have some fun.

Fredericton Bars

In Fredericton, those looking for a huge offering to sink their teeth into go to The Lunar Rogue Pub. The diverse pub offers a wide range of food and all beverages. Food-based specials and other such promotions take place every day, while the daily, breakfast, late night, and dessert menus are always a treat. As for drinks, the establishment boasts comprehensive whisky, cocktail, wine, brews and coolers, and shooters menus, which includes having plenty of draught brews on tap. The Lunar Rogue Pub has everything that a group of people could need for a great day or evening.

Another enjoyable establishment in Fredericton that caters to those seeking both drinks and food is The Snooty Fox. They strive to give you ‘the best bang for your buck possible,’ but don’t cut back on the quality of their offering. For example, their burgers are made by hand using traditional methods, with their fries cut fresh each day. The Snooty Fox also offers daily promotions, including half-price wings, a four-hour happy hour for all domestic draughts and bottles on Fridays, and a cocktail night on Saturdays. On top of this, there’s also Molson Happy Hour every day of the week.

Throughout these three great cities of New Brunswick, you’ll find a grand selection of exciting and relaxing bars to visit; these are just six of the many top establishments in the province.