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Entertainment in Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton

Being such a large and scenic province, you will already be able to guess that New Brunswick is filled with exciting recreational activities which will never cease to amaze. Looking at the major cities of Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, and their surrounding areas, we’re here to detail some of the very best venues to visit, places to see, and activities to partake in while in New Brunswick.

Entertainment in Moncton

irish nature park new brunswick

One of the most splendid sights in all of New Brunswick is Irish Nature Park. Be it a snowy winter morning or a sunny summer day, Irish Nature Park makes for a very pleasant walk for a couple of hours around the grounds. Visitors have the choice of utilizing the shorter path through the park, or they can venture the longer route to explore the grand lake.

Depending on the time of year, you can kayak and canoe across the vast lake or go snowshoeing around the park. While there is a small museum in the park, one of the most popular attractions is the birds. You may stumble across people with their binoculars out, trying to spot downy woodpeckers, black-capped chickadees, hairy woodpeckers, and finches. Irish Nature Park makes for a relaxing day out with your significant other or with the whole family any time of the year.

One of the major attractions in Moncton is New Brunswick’s only entertainment resort: Casino New Brunswick. The top-class casino boasts a wide selection of table games, a live poker room, an entertainment centre for sports events and concerts, and a spa. As you would expect, the casino floor also boasts many of the most exciting slot machines around, which are always huge attractions at all forms of casino. The immense popularity of the top online slot games helps to fuel the excitement for those standing in land-based casinos.

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One such top online slot game is the Western-themed Dead or Alive by NetEnt, which has been able to maintain its popularity since its 2013 release. This is most likely due to its innovative double-wins free spins which can be retriggered by sticky wilds. Initially due to the popularity of the movie, The Goonies online slot from Blueprint has been praised by gamers since its launch in late 2018, with specialized features like Data’s Colossal Symbols, Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle, and One Eyed Willy’s Treasure giving film fans exactly what they want. Another online slot game which never ceases to capture the imagination of slot enthusiasts is Mega Moolah, which recently crushed its own record for biggest progressive slot payout with an €18.9 million prize in October 2018.

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All three of these popular online games give players a way to play when not around a casino, but also help land-based casinos by bringing potential slot players enjoyment before they arrive at the venue. As well as a wide selection of gaming and relaxation activities, Casino New Brunswick also boasts 128 luxury suites and rooms in their new hotel.

Opened in 1953, Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton is the finest zoo in New Brunswick and quite possibly one of the best in Canada. Reasonably priced all year round, visitors to the zoo will experience hundreds of exotic species around the large grounds, including black bears, Burchell's zebra, jaguars, Przewalski’s wild horses, river otters, Siberian tigers, white-handed gibbons, and mountain bison.

In recent years, Magnetic Hill Zoo has hit the headlines for the successful captive breeding of endangered species such as Siberian tigers in 2018, as well as jaguars – which have a conservation status of near threatened – in 2017, and black and white ruffed lemurs in the years leading up to 2009. Magnetic Hill Zoo makes for a great day out for all of the family, with a huge range of well-looked-after animals in decent enclosures. In New Brunswick, let alone Moncton, it’s one of the biggest attractions for a family day out.

Entertainment in Saint John

For a very special beer-orientated experience, you should head down to Moosehead Breweries. The most iconic beer of Canada has opened its brewery’s gates for patrons to explore where the beer is brewed, the science behind the beer, and how they’ve created so many award-winning brews.

On their tour, you’ll learn about the six-generation history of Moosehead as well as get a chance to try out some of their finest creations. It may just be one of the most iconic recreational activities on offer in Saint John and is a must for Canadian beer lovers.

Saint John is full of history and culture, with the New Brunswick Museum epitomizing this fact. It has been able to remain a major attraction of the area and become Canada’s oldest continuing museum by creating an enriching experience for all visitors.

Across the three floors of the museum, you’ll uncover the province’s cultural history, forged by the incredible natural environment of the area, through intuitive and impressive exhibits as well as fun events for the younger members of the family to enjoy. Throughout the year, the museum will stage events and special exhibitions which are well worth keeping an eye out for.

One of the most iconic natural occurrences of the area is Reversing Falls. Following the St John River, the tidal rapids – which make for great white-water kayaking – run through a narrow gorge and then meet the Bay of Fundy. Despite the current taking the river into the bay, when the tide rises in the bay, it forces the flow of water to reverse. It won’t make for a full-day activity, but if you’re in Saint John, you should go to see Reversing Falls.

Entertainment in Fredericton

If you find yourself further inland, in or around the city of Fredericton, and want to spend a day outdoors surrounded by nature in all its beauty, then venture into Odell Park. Found in the middle of the city, there are many trails which will have you exploring the incredibly scenic forest for hours if you so choose.

At the perimeter of Odell Park, you can also find the Fredericton Botanic Gardens as well as the Odell Arboretum and the New Brunswick Species Collection.

For an intuitive learning experience in New Brunswick, Science East is a great place for all of the family. Boasting over 150 hands-on exhibits, Science East encourages visitors of all ages to experience the thrills of science and the oddities of our world.

The unique attraction has a specialist exhibit on Canada’s history in forensic science as well as those exploring optical illusions, prehistoric life, technology, space, energy, animals, and many other very intriguing subjects. On top of all of this, the kids are sure to enjoy the specialized outdoor science playground.

If it’s a more relaxing, classically tourist activity that you desire, make your way along the lake park trail until you find the sandy beach sitting on the crystal clear waters of Killarney Lake. With additional grassy areas, some changing rooms, and a lifeguard on duty, it makes for a scenic and relaxing day out.

New Brunswick is filled with exciting and intriguing entertainment activities to enjoy, with these being among the very best on offer.