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Celebrate Recovery - Freehold, NJ

Date & Time:

Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 7:00pm

Location & Contact:

Abundant Life Church of God
632 Colts Neck Road (Route 537)
Freehold, NJ

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A C T I O N -

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Many of us begin to want change when we "hit-bottom"; that is, when our life gets 'uncomfortable enough' or 'unamanageable' enough to inspire us to want change. For some it's realizing that their relationship could be better, while for others it's getting divorce papers; For some it's realizing that they drink too much, while for others it's a DUI, a car crash, hurting themselves or someone else that finally makes them aware that they need change; For some it's realizing that if they don't stop they will end up in jail, in the hospital, or in rehab, while for others they only realize they really do need to change from inside jail, hospital or rehab.

True rock-bottom is death. Physical death, emotional death, spiritual death. However, most of our "rock-bottoms", that the "discomfort level" that fuels our desirefor change usual comes as a result of some drastic change in our comfortable circumstances.

When it does, we need to take ACTION. Are you ready for real change? Are you ready to take ACTION?

The first two steps and Principles focused on admitting that our lives were out of control and unmanageable, and coming to believe that God could restore us. Now we are focusing on getting unstuck breaking out of the cycle of failure that we may feel we are in even after the first two steps - which keeps us bound by guilt, anger, fear, shame or depression. Getting out of this cycle requires action to be taken, which is our acrostic for this lesson ACTION. Things dont just happen for us we do have to work on things if we want to grow. Procrastination keeps us where we are, or even keeps us lazy when it becomes easier to fall backwards than going forward in recovery.

What sets Celebrate Recovery apart from other 12-step and self-help groups is our focus on Jesus Christ as the basis of real recovery. By then end of the lesson tonight, or the end of the evening in your small groups, if anyone here has not accepted Christ into your life as Savior, or even if you are saved but have not yet made the decision to make Christ Lord over all areas of your life, then I pray that you do so, because those steps are key to recovery and key to becoming the person that God wants you to be. However, it does require action by making a decision and then taking steps to live out that decision.

This Thursday, we will look at those steps to take ACTION and finally do something to begin to have a changed life!

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